Thursday, July 6, 2006

Gateway to Redang - Part 2 (finale)

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29th April

Argghh..We took a boat from Merang, near Kuala Terengganu, heading to Redang Island. The trip took around 1 hour to get to the island, gile ramai orang la nak pegi sana..berhimpit2 dalam boat. I didn't spot any divers in the boat except my friends, maybe Redang is not a fine spot to dive.

Sampai2 je, check in bilik and then after lunch trus gi snorkeling. Hehe, time ni tak dapat lesen diving jealous gak la tgk my friends naik boat going for a dive, meanwhile me naik boat going for snorkeling with other hundreds of people on the island. Rimas2! Kalu gi dive tak sampai pun 10 org. hehe! So next time I will definitely go for diving..wait a minute, before that, I have to get my licence first. Damn. Huhu. Malam tu just wandering around the island, lepak2 tepi pantai, yg ade awek leh berendek kat dalam gelap tuh..cis! Some of us went to beach disco. The married couple stayed in the room, ehem!

30th April

After breakfast, pegi snorkeling lagih..yeke? Forgot la what I was doing in the morning. Either snorkeling or sleeping. Just two options only. But for sure after lunch I was taking a good nap. Huhu! I woke up in the evening and then went for snorkeling with Zul. Dkat2 pantai je..still I saw blue-spotted stingray, shrimp and don't know what else. Lagi la membuatkan aku tak saba2 nak finishkan my diving lesson nih.

On night we had a barbeque, we burn everything like fish, chicken, shrimp, etc. all you can eat, except Gugan cause he is vegetarian. Huhu! We lie down on the shore talking, planning what to do, having an ice-cream, and clubbing (some of us). And then, on midnight we start playing cards, I made a few jokes and successfully made everybody laughs like a hell..ahaha..those are memorable moments which I won't forget.

1st May

Labor day, today we're going back home after having such a good times on the island. Ahhhh..malas dah nak tulis..arrived at home almost midnight. Go to bed. End of story. Hehe..