Friday, February 6, 2015

Adhoc Trip To London and Paris

Gua patut ada family day pada 28 November 2014. Tak pernah gua dapat join family day kat mana-mana company gua join selama ni. So quite excited bila management allowed me to join because one of the requirements was I need to be a confirmed employee. 26 November patutnya cukup 6 bulan gua kat sini, tapi registration has to be made few weeks prior. So gua email bos gua yang kat Florence whether he will confirm me as employee by that date and he replied 'OK'!. Terus gua forward email tu kat HR, then HR pun proceed dengan gua punya registration. Tup tup, 3 weeks before nak pegi, wife gua dapat assignment/meeting kat Switzerland. Hancur family day plan nak pegi ke Pulai Resort and Legoland. Terpaksa di cancel. Frust!