Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ramadhan Memory

3 years ago (based on hijri calendar) 28 Sept 2006M/5 Ramadhan 1427H

I was in Miri to mob to F23 Complex, Central Luconia, Sarawak Shell Berhad gas production platform. It was my first time to go to F23. I went to Miri one day earlier and stayed at Aie’s house at Pujut, thus saved some money on hotel and I got extra from the company because saved their money too. Aie is working at PCSB. Luckily I have friends all over Malaysia, thanks to PETRONAS to place them down anywhere you want. Aie has been my driver for those two days. We went to Bazaar together to break fast.

I was fasting of course, and scheduled to mob at 12noon by fast crew boat which was not so fast at all. I’ve been informed that the trip would take 8 hours journey through an open-wavy-strong current south china sea. It was almost monsoon time, so I would expecting a strong wind like a thousand hair dryers set to full blast hit onto my face. Taking boat ride with an empty stomach is not a wise thing to do. So I was planning to sleep all the way to platform and by the time we arrive there I would already break the fast. Simple and yet productive plan. Considering that I would be away from land for quite some times, around 2 to 3 weeks top and I have to come back before EidulFitri..So I include KFC in my boarding plan. On the way to the boat wharf, I asked Aie to stop by at any local KFC store. I went in and bought for myself a snack plate, original recipe, thigh and drumstick, the usual parts of chicken that I love most.

I arrived at boat wharf one hour earlier than boarding time. Say goodbye, handshake and all with Aie, I went into the boat cabin to find the perfect spot to lie down and relax. I found one perfect spot not taken yet. I grabbed it. Put down my bag and other belongings to a safe place and there I lie down while waiting for other passengers. After a while, I felt the boat starts to move, I looked at my watch and it was almost 1pm. I did a quick calculation in my mind and I came with conclusion that we would be arriving at 9pm, more or less. I checked out Miri’s prayers time through my Easy Access (still got coverage 3-5 km from the shore) and looked for Maghrib, and it was around 6.20pm. I smiled and continued to sleep and planned to wake up at 6.20pm, break the fast with KFC I bought just now with some rice they provide for lunch for non-muslim and muslim that did not fast.

Dash from boat against the waves awakens me. I opened my eyes and looked at the watch and it was 4pm. “alamak..lambat lagi nak buke ni, dah terjage plak”, my little heart speaking in whisper. I tried continuing to sleep. Unfortunately, at this condition, I could only sleep with some assistance of 2 pills (sea-sick pill) or someone knocks me down, hard. I started to depress. The dash, vibration, swing occurred in the same time were the reasons I became sleepless. I have this fear, the feeling that haunted me down when take a boat ride with an empty stomach. I fear that it would come and visit me again. Suddenly later I felt colic, gripes..I felt sick. Ya Allah, it’s coming to me now. I tried to calm and fought with the feeling in my stomach and set in my mind I would eat the KFC at 6.20pm which were not more than 2 hours left. The smells in the cabin provoked my stomach to get sicker. I always don’t like the smells of Comfort I and Comfort II. It makes me sick. I felt nervous and tense as well as dizziness. I tried to endure the pain. Endure the feel to throw up. I was suffering back then. I couldn’t bear any longer, I woke up and tried to get out of the cabin, reached grasp my KFC and ‘nasi bungkus’ on the way out. I felt like I just gulp down 5 matrix tan of Carlsberg into my sacred stomach. I felt drunk, really drunk when I stood up.

Outside, the swell were big, I sat on the floor at the star-boat-side opened my KFC then grabbed the drumstick, put in my mouth and chewed. I felt nothing, I felt like I chewed something tasteless. I couldn’t swallow them. And finally I threw up on the open sea. Threw up again and again until there was nothing left in my stomach to get rid of. I lie down on the floor restless, colic, gripes and sick. I ate the rice, drank water as much as possible if not I would dehydrated. The KFC, I left them at the star-boat-side, untouched. I then carried on lie down, in a while I collapsed, exhausted, to had a battle with those pains. Around 9pm, we arrived.

That day, I break my fast one hour earlier..I will never travel with boat again during fasting month. I flew there after the boat trip.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Qada' dan Qadar

Khamis Malam Jumaat Keliwon..

Keluar la muke orang tua yang biasa2 kite Nampak 3 kali setahun kat dalam TV nak bagitau masyarakat Islam kat Malaysia ni yang pose startnya Hari Sabtu 22 Ogos 2009M bersamaan 1 ramadhan 1430H.

Wife and I were at Kinrara when the announcement was being made, to visit Papa and my youngest brother, Ahin. They had an accident the day before, fell off from scooter because of a *tutt* dog chase them up (tak elok mencarut bulan ramadhan ni, kurang pahala aku). Ironically, the dog is belonging to someone. This *tutt* Chinese let the dog out, untie and suddenly became wild like a mad dog and chase Papa and Ahin while ‘scootering’ around that area. The *tutt* Chinese then took Papa & Ahin to the Columbia Asia Hospital to seek treatments and he paid the bill, he better.

I picked up wifey after working hour then off went straight to Kinrara. Terkejut gak aku memule masa sampai kat umah tengok Ahin dah berbalut-balut muke die sket lagi nak cam mummy returns. Thankful that the injuries are not affected his skull bone. Tapi teruk jugak laa..kesian aku tengok. The *tutt* Chinese was there minutes after my arrival..aku try maintain muke garang aku tu..tengok die pun macam dah tak tentu hala je tanak duk lelame kat sini bile dah rase aura aku yang membuak2 tu..agaknye laa..Judging by his eyes tried to avoid a contact with my eyes. Hehe! Oh, he stopped by to give medicines. Papa pun teruk jugak dkat belah tangan die ngan lutut je la..

Ramadhan eve..

I was in my in laws’ at Serdang..before Ramadhan comes, I had this thought, “Puasa ni kene duk kat sana alamatnye tak berasap la aku…” hehe..kalu dah tegar sgt mmg ada possibility berfikir macam tu..tapi aku ada apa hal..tempuh je la dugaan tu. Wapek pun same jugak kot tak bole isap rokok time pose nanti..dah bini tgh pregnant asyik nak muntah je bile bau die isap rokok..hehe! saba je la…

After dinner, bapak ngan mak were preparing to go to surau for Tarawikh (Malam pertama). Surau is located couple of blocks from our block, near to the Hindu Temple, just a walking distance..tak sempat keluar peluh pun dah sampai. Mak and Imah who first to go, followed by bapak a few minutes later and the rest macam tarawikh kat rumah je.

I was thinking to attend to the prayer after the dinner, when see Mak and Bapak were preparing to do so but I still in the room even though isya’ prayer is executing. Like a minute or two before the isya’ prayer is about to complete, I rushed to the toilet, performed my ablution then rushed again heading towards ‘Surau’ hoping that I could make it before the prayer done and in fact it had done when I was standing right in front of the Surau’s door where if I were to enter through that door everyone would stare at me (malu la, dah la dtg lambat pastu nak kene semayang isya’ dlu). So I just kept wandering around the Surau searching for another entry that makes no one would notice my present and the only entry I found was to go through the women area , I had to leave before anyone notice my present. So I headed back home and in between I stopped for a cigarette. Yeahhh! I ended up performed Tarawikh in my room, alone.

And then..

Following my previous entry below, a chit-chat was happening between me and Kuluk, my Uni friend..Who's now somewhere around arabic ocean. He works with Schlumberger. Very rich, single and still looking..good looking too maybe for certain chicks, or maybe not. Not so tall, average malay guy, shorter than me and absolutely lighter than me..hehe.

[09:26] Kuluk: uiks
[09:26] Kuluk: shah
[09:26] Kuluk: dah jadik bapa ke kome?
[09:31] beskal_best: lom lagi la
[09:31] beskal_best: tgh tunggu ni
[09:31] Kuluk: bille due nye?
[09:31] Kuluk: due date
[09:31] beskal_best: this week kot..friday
[09:38] beskal_best: ade mana?
[09:39] Kuluk: lautan arab nih
[09:39] Kuluk: abg ko de baleks ke
[09:39] beskal_best: tgh laut ke? sempat lagi ko cetting yeaa
[09:40] beskal_best: abg aku blk 15/9
[09:40] beskal_best: blk nak kawen...ko tanak kawen ke?
[09:40] Kuluk: online blake
[09:40] Kuluk: ohw..kawen org slb gaks ke?
[09:40] Kuluk: aku rase nk kawen gaks
[09:40] beskal_best: tak la..kawen dgn makwe die kat sini la..
[09:41] Kuluk: oh
[09:41] beskal_best: bawak2 la semayang dpt pahal 2 kali ganda dah..ko semayang pahala dpt 1 je
[09:41] beskal_best: tu pun kalu semayang
[09:41] beskal_best: hehe
[09:41] Kuluk: bez nye kwen
[09:42] beskal_best: nak kawen dgn sapa?
[09:42] Kuluk: tuh soklan yg bijaks
[09:43] beskal_best: bijak sgt ke soklan aku tu
[09:43] beskal_best: hehe..kawen je la ngan sesapa..
[09:43] beskal_best: balik la kl..ngorat awek mana2
[09:43] beskal_best: kat sana tade ke?
[09:44] Kuluk: keling sini
[09:44] Kuluk: tak moh laa aku
[09:44] Kuluk: de bau
[09:44] beskal_best: akuk nasihatkan kau beli M3 macam al-fian tu..pastu letak lam facebook..
[09:45] beskal_best: sure pastu rmai la nak kenen2 ngan kau...
[09:45] beskal_best: bernas tak?
[09:45] beskal_best: ngan aku2 skali...
[09:45] Kuluk: M3 tuh tak sedap sgt...gegar mnyak kuat
[09:45] beskal_best: tak payah M3 laa..ko beli je la golf GTi pun dah cukup dah..
[09:46] beskal_best: nak masyuk lagi..Golf MkII 3.2 Super charge
[09:46] Kuluk: haish
[09:46] Kuluk: mahal2 sungguh keta kome nih
[09:46] Kuluk: abg kome beli keta per?
[09:47] beskal_best: yela..berbalai la dgn gaji ko yg berjuta2 tu
[09:47] beskal_best: berbaloi
[09:47] beskal_best: abg aku mana ade test kete2 ni...
[09:47] beskal_best: test plak..taste
[09:47] beskal_best: aku suh die beli evo..die tanak..
[09:48] Kuluk: then, die beli per jerk?
[09:48] beskal_best: aku suh die angkat M3 pun die tanak..ckp mahal sgt
[09:48] Kuluk: mmg laa rrugi kalu die beli evo , nak2 de adik mcm ko nih...
[09:48] Kuluk: time die pi kije, kat ko jugaks die tinggalkan
[09:48] beskal_best: pastu aku suh die angkat DC5R..die nak plak
[09:49] beskal_best: mmg la..sbb tu la aku suh die beli kete2 mcm tu..supaya aku yg bole drivenya..hahaha
[09:53] Kuluk: recond bape DC5R, tahun bile tuh ?
[09:54] beskal_best: 2005, NFL..
[09:54] beskal_best: 2005/2008 2.0 i-Vtec
[09:54] beskal_best: bih kurang 150k-170k kot
[09:55] Kuluk: haish
[09:56] Kuluk: mahal laa jugaks...dah laa 2 pintu jer tuh...baik civiv i-vtec jerrk
[09:56] beskal_best: haa angkat la...
[09:56] Kuluk: bmw/c-lass pon lagi murah
[09:57] Kuluk: aku malas aar nak angkat, karang mak aku lenjan
[09:57] beskal_best: tapi nasihat aku..tak payah la beli civic tu..not a chick magnet type of car
[09:57] beskal_best: kalu niat ko nak menunjuk2 ngan makwe2..angkat bmw je..atau kete2 yang anak2 gadis kenal..hehe
[09:57] Kuluk: ho ho ho
[09:58] beskal_best: diaorg bkan tau pun civic tu lagi mahal harga die dari bmw e46 325 gbong tu
[09:58] Kuluk: konfem laa anak2 gadis ittew tidak kenal DC5R
[09:59] beskal_best: walaupun harga M3 al-fian tu tak sampai pun 250k anggaran die..tapi kalu chicks dah tgk..cair beb...gua ckp lu
[09:59] Kuluk: die beli 270k
[10:00] Kuluk: tapi gegar kuar seyh
[10:00] beskal_best: time tu die beli..beli time skang ni tgk bape..hehehe
[10:00] Kuluk: tuh laa
[10:00] Kuluk: suspension track tuh
[10:00] Kuluk: tapi amat laa laju
[10:00] beskal_best: die angkut yg dah modified punye...
[10:00] beskal_best: mmg la camtu
[10:01] beskal_best: lagi laju dari DC5R ke?
[10:02] Kuluk: aku rase laa...
[10:02] Kuluk: 3.2 ...dlm 300 - 350 bhp kot
[10:02] beskal_best: gegar tu pasal mounting die kot...
[10:02] Kuluk: DC5R bape bhp?..
[10:02] beskal_best:
kete aku pun mounting dah nak kene tuka ni..

The conversation stopped here..mana tah setan ni pegi..maybe dah kene perambat ngan supervisor die kat rig tu kot suh pegi buat keje..ntah le..

Dream never comes true

Saje je nak sakitkan hati diri sendiri di pagi bulan ramadhan ni..oshhh..I WANT THAT CAR!!!!!!!

While browsing through Facebook just now, I encountered my Uni friend's page. I heard from Edan, another Uni friend. .that he drives M3. So I opened the photos section to check out for the car pictures. Selalunyee sesapa yang ade kete mahal2 ni mmg akan letak dalam facebook punye..yela, dah beli memahal mesti la kene kasi org lain tgk..terutamanya anak2 gadis..anak2 gadis kene tau sume ni..ketidak rugi beb. Anak2 gadis bile dah tgk, mule la..macam2 komen die kat situ dah macam kene sampuk dengan nude witch plak dah..mule la banyak bunyi seperti contoh.. "wah kereta baru la..bile nak bwk I jenjalan naik kete baru u tu"..paling koman pun buat comment terkejut la "Wahh!"..begitula gamaknyaa..dengan aku2 skali yang terkejut..yela jeles beb..takkan aku nak ngorat lelaki tu buat comment2 macam anak2 gadis tadi, mau di penerajangnya aku ni kang… jeles je la yang bole pun sambil hati berkobar-kobar satu hari nanti nak beli kete tu jugak…kalu rezeki murah la..ketidak bersyukur je la dgn apa yang ada skang ni..always be grateful.

Well, my wild guess became true, the car's pics are there..aku pun belek2 la..sambil2 tu pasang niat nak beli satu..hehe. Murah rezeki ko yea pian..Hope Allah keeps it that way until the day you die.M3, Sekadar Gambar Hiasan

Monday, August 24, 2009

Into 40th Weeks..

Today my wife and I were at my parents' house for breaking the fast at Kinrara. Sahur pagi tadi macam dah okay je..tekak aku punye dilation ni dah terbukak besar gak kot..dalam 4 cm macam tu..laju je nasi masuk ke tiub esophagus aku tu headed straight to usus ke usus kecil dulu eh, tah la, aku bkannye enrolled bio pun dlu, science pun dpt brape tah..

Wife was having contractions since last night..kalu ikut kitab aku tu "What to expect…When you're expecting", it was a pre-birth sign..Mean it's a normal sign she is on the phase one of the childbirth stages. The contractions are 30 to 45 secs long, 20 minutes apart or less. Aku pulak tak abes-abes tanye "nak pegi hospital ke?"..huhu..anyway, tomorrow she has a routine checkup at hospital. So pepandai doctor laa nak buat apa.. :)

Despite of being nervous and all, both wifey and I dah tak saba2 nak menimang anak dah..hope everything is going smoothly as planned.

I suppose to have a commissioning job throughout this month but I let my colleague, Far to handle it while I'm here waiting for my unborn son. The EDD is 28th Aug, this Friday. To those yang tatau EDD tu is estimated date of delivery. Btol ke? Hope Far could handle all the pressure there. Kalu tak, terpaksa la hero datang menyelamatkan keadaan. Far also is expecting a child, his wife is at fourth month of pregnancy if not mistaken..Wapek pun expecting jugak..Izham pun..Acad juga okay..mak aih ramainye yang tgh expecting dkat ofis aku tuh…but alls' EDD are early next year, around Feb and March.

Kuat main la bebdak ofis aku ni..kahkahkah…..tu tak kire yang pempuan lagi tu..

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Ramadhan comes again….marhaban..

First time pose rumah mentua..di kuarters hospital serdang. Early breakfast (sahur) this morning at 5am, aku makan tak abes plak..rase tekak tu kecik je bukaan die..selalu tak macam ni plak!! Heran..selalu dapat je bedal semua foods yg ada atas meja tu…last month aku pose ganti sehari..okay je makan sahur pepagi bute tu..ntah laa…

Enough that, I'm sitting here in the room, on the floor while my wife still sleeping this time, 6.16PM, together waiting to break the fast in our own style. It seems only yesterday that I wrote in here talked about ramadhan..well, I've done this again. I'm not gonna write something similar like previous ramadhan-posts. This time, I'll try to be different, at least. But the truth is I don't know what to write. Huhu..but for sure, this Ramadhan is special….

Wife now at 39th week of pregnancy, so you know what! Anytime now, the baby will come out from the hotel uterus he stays for the last 8-9 months. Oh's a boy, did I mentioned it? And this is the first! The emotion has taken its part now in me on preparing for my baby arrival. All the stuffs are here; stroller, carrier, pampers, shirts, pillow and all. All have been taken care of by the wife..erm some by the husband..Right honey? That's why we're at her parents' house now..nearer to the delivery room.

Anyway, wish us luck in our journey called life, and Selamat berpuasa to all my muslim friends.