Monday, August 24, 2009

Into 40th Weeks..

Today my wife and I were at my parents' house for breaking the fast at Kinrara. Sahur pagi tadi macam dah okay je..tekak aku punye dilation ni dah terbukak besar gak kot..dalam 4 cm macam tu..laju je nasi masuk ke tiub esophagus aku tu headed straight to usus ke usus kecil dulu eh, tah la, aku bkannye enrolled bio pun dlu, science pun dpt brape tah..

Wife was having contractions since last night..kalu ikut kitab aku tu "What to expect…When you're expecting", it was a pre-birth sign..Mean it's a normal sign she is on the phase one of the childbirth stages. The contractions are 30 to 45 secs long, 20 minutes apart or less. Aku pulak tak abes-abes tanye "nak pegi hospital ke?"..huhu..anyway, tomorrow she has a routine checkup at hospital. So pepandai doctor laa nak buat apa.. :)

Despite of being nervous and all, both wifey and I dah tak saba2 nak menimang anak dah..hope everything is going smoothly as planned.

I suppose to have a commissioning job throughout this month but I let my colleague, Far to handle it while I'm here waiting for my unborn son. The EDD is 28th Aug, this Friday. To those yang tatau EDD tu is estimated date of delivery. Btol ke? Hope Far could handle all the pressure there. Kalu tak, terpaksa la hero datang menyelamatkan keadaan. Far also is expecting a child, his wife is at fourth month of pregnancy if not mistaken..Wapek pun expecting jugak..Izham pun..Acad juga okay..mak aih ramainye yang tgh expecting dkat ofis aku tuh…but alls' EDD are early next year, around Feb and March.

Kuat main la bebdak ofis aku ni..kahkahkah…..tu tak kire yang pempuan lagi tu..

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