Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Qada' dan Qadar

Khamis Malam Jumaat Keliwon..

Keluar la muke orang tua yang biasa2 kite Nampak 3 kali setahun kat dalam TV nak bagitau masyarakat Islam kat Malaysia ni yang pose startnya Hari Sabtu 22 Ogos 2009M bersamaan 1 ramadhan 1430H.

Wife and I were at Kinrara when the announcement was being made, to visit Papa and my youngest brother, Ahin. They had an accident the day before, fell off from scooter because of a *tutt* dog chase them up (tak elok mencarut bulan ramadhan ni, kurang pahala aku). Ironically, the dog is belonging to someone. This *tutt* Chinese let the dog out, untie and suddenly became wild like a mad dog and chase Papa and Ahin while ‘scootering’ around that area. The *tutt* Chinese then took Papa & Ahin to the Columbia Asia Hospital to seek treatments and he paid the bill, he better.

I picked up wifey after working hour then off went straight to Kinrara. Terkejut gak aku memule masa sampai kat umah tengok Ahin dah berbalut-balut muke die sket lagi nak cam mummy returns. Thankful that the injuries are not affected his skull bone. Tapi teruk jugak laa..kesian aku tengok. The *tutt* Chinese was there minutes after my arrival..aku try maintain muke garang aku tu..tengok die pun macam dah tak tentu hala je tanak duk lelame kat sini bile dah rase aura aku yang membuak2 tu..agaknye laa..Judging by his eyes tried to avoid a contact with my eyes. Hehe! Oh, he stopped by to give medicines. Papa pun teruk jugak dkat belah tangan die ngan lutut je la..

Ramadhan eve..

I was in my in laws’ at Serdang..before Ramadhan comes, I had this thought, “Puasa ni kene duk kat sana alamatnye tak berasap la aku…” hehe..kalu dah tegar sgt mmg ada possibility berfikir macam tu..tapi aku ada apa hal..tempuh je la dugaan tu. Wapek pun same jugak kot tak bole isap rokok time pose nanti..dah bini tgh pregnant asyik nak muntah je bile bau die isap rokok..hehe! saba je la…

After dinner, bapak ngan mak were preparing to go to surau for Tarawikh (Malam pertama). Surau is located couple of blocks from our block, near to the Hindu Temple, just a walking distance..tak sempat keluar peluh pun dah sampai. Mak and Imah who first to go, followed by bapak a few minutes later and the rest macam tarawikh kat rumah je.

I was thinking to attend to the prayer after the dinner, when see Mak and Bapak were preparing to do so but I still in the room even though isya’ prayer is executing. Like a minute or two before the isya’ prayer is about to complete, I rushed to the toilet, performed my ablution then rushed again heading towards ‘Surau’ hoping that I could make it before the prayer done and in fact it had done when I was standing right in front of the Surau’s door where if I were to enter through that door everyone would stare at me (malu la, dah la dtg lambat pastu nak kene semayang isya’ dlu). So I just kept wandering around the Surau searching for another entry that makes no one would notice my present and the only entry I found was to go through the women area , I had to leave before anyone notice my present. So I headed back home and in between I stopped for a cigarette. Yeahhh! I ended up performed Tarawikh in my room, alone.

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