Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Eid Mubarak

Today is the fifth day for muslims celebrating Hari Raya around Malaysia. I guess its not too late for me wishing you guys SELAMAT HARI RAYA EIDULFITRI and MAAF ZAHIR dan BATIN.

My family and I were celebrating at Kota Bharu as usual. We headed there on Saturday night (21 Oct) after my dad had done performing Terawih at around 10pm. The trip was good except at certain points such as Bentong, Jalan Kuala Lipis - Gua Musang. Stopped a few times, and one time for Sahur. We arrived at Tok Wan's house approximately at 05:30am, just about another 15 minutes to Fajr (the starting point of fasting).

Nothing much done on the days before hari raya. One day before that, my mom told me to visit my cousin at hospital. He was still unconscious when I was there. That was the last time I saw him lying there dying. Who knows, that night on Raya eve, when we were still dreaming for the day, at 2.00am my cousin's phone ringing many times unanswered which made me awake. By the time I heard the phone, I knew, that must not be a good news. After a few times still unanswered, I decided to answer the call. My feeling was right. My cousin who I visited on the day before had passed away.

The body was buried after the raya prayer around 11am. The family was mourning for the demise but it was an expected demise. Hari Raya was still celebrating like always.

Al-fatihah to Wan Mohd Farid who had return to Rahmatullah on 24th Oct equally to 1st Syawal. He was 33 years old.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Rising of..

What a shame!! Last few days I read from paper about divorce. It stated there more than 15,000 Malay couples has registered divorced so far rather than 3000 couples of combined Chinese and Indian. Awie and Arni (pictures) made headline in Utusan today. "Sah Bercerai talak satu".

In other article says, in 2004, about 150,060 couples uttered the marital vow. In the same year, 19,800 divorce cases were recorded. It shows increasing year by year from the year of 2000. Ironically, the divorce rate is highest among Muslims, this is the statistic taken from National Population and Family Development Board. No bullshit!

What were they thinking of getting married at the first place if then ended up with divorce? They have disgrace the name of Islam. Islam does not encourage its follower to do such thing like divorce. More embarrassing, these people even go public to announce their separation like nobody's business. They've made this matter like some kind of trend which is rising from time to time. No need to feel guilty no more by getting divorce, even worst no need to feel shame at all by doing such thing.

Sometimes, divorce can be even uglier if it is involve money, properties, possession, children custody etc. Believe me, divorce is ugly. Husband and wife accusing each others at courts for the reasons I mentioned just now. Hopefully I won't be in the statistic.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

The return Part II

Last time I didn't had a chance to shoot some pictures of my car. So no picture to show to you guys. But let me tell you guys the condition of her. Some accessories stolen:
  • One pair of my front recaro seat. FYI, I like this seat very much.
  • My newly-bought panasonic player.
  • Some parts of my dashboard.
  • My Evo III steering.
  • Rear GTi absorber.
  • A pair of Camel shoe.
  • Ray Ban sunglass worth RM400.
  • Left window broken.
  • One tyre went flat.
  • etc etc bastard.
I wished my car could never been found at the first place. But, otherwise.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The return

I wasn't sure whether I'm supposed to be happy or not! Part of me glad that she'd coming back to me but another part is still hesitate or I must say, depress. Anyway, it's not that I'm talking about my ex here.

I was arrived in Miri on early Sunday morning by fast-crew-boat. The next day, I received a lot of phone calls from insurance adjuster and police regarding the insurance claim of my car. After a few calls then, one insurance recovery agent was calling me and told me that my car has been found. Just now, I was at the Police Station at Batu 9 Cheras to see the condition of my car. She was in very bad condition, its broke my heart badly to see such condition. Bastard!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jahat,Pemanggil,Aur,Dayang,Seri Buat - Live-On-Board (Part 1)-Finale

Today, I decided to continue write on my last trip after I've made thru the toughest part of my days last week. So, here you go..

Saturday (9th Sept)
I woke up that morning and I felt seasick; dizzy, stomach-ache, feels like to puke. What an annoying feeling on the fascinating-day-trip like this one and yet I missed my dawn dive on the early bird. But it's ok, sleeping much better. Huhu

My Sifu asked to do deep dive this time, we would be going into 30 meters heart beats like a drum does whenever heard of the depth..hehe! Well, I was anxious but not panic. First time try?! Anyone? Sure you can..30 meters just about the same as 5 meters won't feel a bit different except you will run out of air quickly than usual. But some of divers will suspect narcosis in that depth, you'll feel high like as high as you smoke joint. That's why during Advance Course (Herein after will be called AOW), you'll be going down 30 meters and need to write down your name and IC number on the given board. Just to make sure you still thinking normally. Scared? Don't be..diving is fun.

Such pain in the arse, I suddenly have to went up during descend at 8 meters depth. Just about 1 minute underwater my headache was not gone yet. What a great miss at Pinnacle One, Pulau Aur. I was told that was the best dive site even 30 meters depth you can even see way up to the surface, a school of yellow-tail-barracudas and every kind off marine life, you name it! Poor me. Soon I'll be there again someday. Wait for me Pinnacle One.

After others had completed their surface interval, down we went again at Captain's Point dive site, Pulau Dayang. This time I had made sure I am perfectly ready for the dive as I am going to do my navigation underwater as partial of the AOW course portion. Just took a few minutes to complete then we continue our tour until we had to bump into other group of divers. I think they are Singaporeans coming to dive at Aur. Macam pasar malam tuhh, just like underwater party. I was enjoyed the dive like nobody's business.

On the night they were down again around Aur as the boat sailed for awhile. I wasn't coming due to limited torch-light. Darn, next trip I will definitely buy one for my own. There were two other boats sailed at the same area as our boat did. They were night-diving as well. As for the Perampok, they must let other boats make their way first before going merampok underwater, that's the rule they have to follow. That was all for the night session. Nothing more interesting except chatting on the top of the boat while the boat made its way to Pulau Seri Buat, slightly down under Tioman towards Tanjung Gemuk where I was doing my last dive there.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Ramadhan al-mubarak! Once again all Muslim in Malaysia as well as across the globe able to perform one of the Rukun Islam..Berpuasa selama sebulan!

In Malaysia, this month signals the mushrooming of bazaar ramadhan across the country, also known as Food-feast-month in Malaysia. Hours before sun sets, countless stall delicacies popular for breaking the fast. It shows the festive of sight, smells and sounds. It is at bazaar ramadhan where you can find various foods of malaysia.
Anyway, Happy fasting, guys and girls.
The infamous Satay for breaking the fast

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Life is a fair game..but you play it unfair! (Part 3) - Finale

Early this morning I finally finished my be exact at 4.30am. I was sleeping during the job done,hehe! Let's see the fact below:

20th Sept, I arrived at office 10mins before 8am. From this time thereon, the only I did was working until early this morning at 4.30am.
  • Lunch, once on 20th Sept (one hour)
  • Sleep (6 hours), 4 hours from that was this morning while waiting the job finish. So, the night before, I slept only 2 hours.
  • Way to office and home during this duration (total of another one hour)
  • Toilets, Smoking, snack break, pray, etc (maybe 2 hours top)
Total of the above is 10 hours and total of my non-stop working duration was 44 hours and 20 minutes (for one job). 44 minus 10 is 34..OMG, I was working non-stop for 34 hours and 20mins. My name should be recorded in Malaysia Book of Record for 'The Longest non-stop Working hours'. What a job!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Life is a fair game..but you play it unfair! (Part 2)

Darn..Today I am working all day long, almost 24 hours now. I woke up yesterday at 6.45am, get ready and straight to work. Arrived at office 10 minutes before 8am. And now 4am in the morning but I am still doing the same works from yesterday.

I sleep a while at 2.20am just now until Hisham wake me up at 10 minutes past 3. What a day! Yet the works still not finish as I expected. Problems and problems keep coming on and on. Hope this nightmare will over by today. Should start to find another works now...I think I should! or shouldn't I?

Life is a fair game..but you play it unfair! (Part 1)

I'm not in the mood to continue my writing on my last LOB trip.

I’m sucked big time now..I should begin to find another place to works. Here definitely not for me anymore. Shit..this time it makes me uncomfortable really bad..I can't think normally, I can't eat satisfied-ly, I can't even breath. Oh god, please help this naive person YOU sent to earth. Maybe this is the punishment YOU early-judged to me for all of my sins I have done so far. If that so, please forgive me! I'm your humble servant seeks forgiveness for the bad deeds done.

I know, I did a lot of sins during my works salary always didn't go to the right place..It always used for my sins, it was always been. Lately I have realized and stop doing the bad things with my money..I will not do that again.

I will change..I promise YOU

Monday, September 18, 2006

Jahat,Pemanggil,Aur,Dayang,Seri Buat - Live-On-Board (Video)

Just to share with you guys our last LOB trip's video..I have edited the full scale of vid to cut it short and small in size just to post it here. Thanks to Hollowman for the sweet vid. Please enjoy!!

Please watch it here in YouTube.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Unfortunate Events!

I returned to home at 4am this morning after wandering around with Yasir to watch some illegal racing downtown. Mingle around, surfed net a while then bump to bed to get some sleep. 5.30am my maid called me..I was 'what the *&$%', bothering me around this moment even my dream not even started yet..Once again I was 'What the fook'..she told me my car isn't at the place where it should be. Just one and half hour ago I saw her there..Damn car has been stolen! Bloody hell! Fucking bastard thieves! I aborted my sleep and outside I went..its fucking car was not there no more!

Sob sob..So much unfortunate events had happened to me lately..First my Nokia 6280 then my car. Before this, its been 3 times already she had been screwed and now, she may rest in peace. Till then..I wanna get ready to lodge my report at the police station. ciao..

WHC 799 (Oct 1999 - Sept 2006) She was 7 years old!

Some piece of her strewn on the ground

Friday, September 15, 2006

Jahat,Pemanggil,Aur,Dayang,Seri Buat - Live-On-Board (Part 2)

Source: Transferred from here

My actual second dive commenced after lunch around 2pm kot..can't remember, have to refer to my dive log. The boat then made its way to Pulau Pemanggil as soon as they finished the second dive and while we were eating lunch.

We've been told by Comrade that this dive site got wreck at 5-6m depth. I was excited to put myself into the blue immediately when I heard that. Rupe-rupe nye, indah khabar dari rupe..The so-called wreck does not look like one at all, it was badly broken and pieces strewn all over the place, even I was hardly identified that is a wreck. It must been into the ground very hard. We made our tour into the deeper site then after frustrated with the wreck. Nothing spectacular found during the dive.

One thing I like the most during the trip was food. Everytime after diving, foods were already served whether at dining floor or at cylinder area/kitchen. Its 'goreng pisang' was the best heh, as Zarir always reminds us all about the deliciousness of the 'goreng pisang' while eating them. Anyway I like the 'cengkodok' the most, huhu! Thanks to Kak Zakiah, the resident chef that made us felt like home by her cooks. That's because they called me 'MT' I guess, because of the delicious food that forced me did the Man-has-to-do-what-man-has-to-do thingy on the boat. Only those on the boat knew what is 'MT' all about..keh keh keh!

After a while resting and enjoyed our surface interval, we went down again about 8pm for commencing the night dive. This time only six of us dived at the other side of Pulau Pemanggil before the boat made its way to Pulau Aur. I was invited by HollowMan to do the dive after getting approval from my sifu Jim. Sifu Jim went as well. We started at the anchor line before going further down 11m depth into the darkness. I brought underwater torch-light borrowed from Zarir. Now I realized that not so horror to go diving at night and yet going down with Para Perampok. Can't tell you what Perampok means is. It a divers' secret, become one then you'll know Wink. That was such a memorable one during my involvement in scuba diving. Till then..I continue later..
Joe's Wavebreaker by the wave view

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jahat,Pemanggil,Aur,Dayang,Seri Buat - Live-On-Board (Diver's list)

Source: Transferred from here


1. Comrade (a.k.a Mr Lowered - organiser and court jester cum biyatch of the trip)
2. Jim (open water diver and DM-wannabe)
3. Sheik (The one who pukes and kisses the arse of cuttlefish)
4. Hollowman (cool camera guy who loves Sam Soul's arse)
5. Zarir (Mr Ice. Maintains hairstyle even underwater)
6. Atuk (Mr Fish ID who has yet to see an Octopus)
7. Aidil (Mr Letih - always sleeping)
8. Sam Soul (Man-turned-biyatch [a.k.a Bee..short for Baby]..definitely not the person we know this trip)
9. Zack (a very entertaining person..despite his macho outdoor activities, he has a feminine side)
10. Zul (Mr forced-to-do AOW course)
11. Kamal (Mr OWD forced to do drift dive by his so-called friend)
12. Penyu (almost extinct..always almost extinct during every dive)
13. Shah (another Mr forced-to-do AOW course)
14. Ana (Sam Soul's husband..Sam Soul will abort his dives for this person)
15. Baby (DMT kena tipu)
16. Cher (Miss Malas...totally on a holiday trip)
17. Lyanna (Mrs Bookworm...when she's not diving she reads books no other person can comprehend the contents)
18. SeaDemon (the one who writes reports and do boring dives as the camera doesn't work)
19. Laracroft (almost a crew member already..if she's not married to one yet in return for 10 dive trips)


1. Joe (another member of the LOWERED-gang)
2. Fais (very helpful crew member)
3. Jiman (another very helpful crew member)
4. Kak Zakiah (the resident chef who became the object of desire and age-guessing discussions of the male guests after 2 nights at usual)

- Source: yet another Bulletin Board by SeaDemon

Jahat,Pemanggil,Aur,Dayang,Seri Buat - Live-On-Board (Part 1)

Source: Transferred from here

After 2 – 3 months certified, my instructor had invited to join his 'gang' for LOB (Live-On-Board) trip. It was 3 days 2 night on board – no land..just a big boat, seasick, and the most important is dive..dive..dive..unlimited dive! I was awed with the invitation until I keep counting days for the day trip.

Thursday (7th Sept)
6.30PM was my arrival time at the KLIA from Bintulu on the trip day; fetched by my girlfriend at the airport then rushed home to get ready for the trip. Such a tiring day that day, just got back from Bintulu and then immediately gone on trip. Sempat lagi kene marah dengan ibu, she was mumbling "dok ghajin nok nampok muke..kejap2 takdok kat umoh". Hehe!!

Finally, we were at the wharf at Tanjung Gemuk, Kuala Rompin at 4am in the morning the following day. We stopped twice, first at Seremban R&R, waiting for everybody to gather and then at Muadzam Shah to release all the tense while driving there. Drive to Tanjung Gemuk from thereon was good.

We have to be transferred to Wavebreaker (the boat we going to stay for 2 nights) using the tender as well as fishing trawler as tide was out. But we were entertained by the view of the partial lunar eclipse that night. Around 4.30am we were underway to our first dive site. I was sleeping as soon as we were on the boat. Dive operations immediately commenced when arriving at the Pulau Jahat around 8am. Visibility was not that great and the current was not so strong. As for me, I was underwater for 17minutes at around 14m depth cause my tummy got sick suddenly. Went up to surface escorted by dive master trainee (herein after will be called DMT) Baby. My first dive was spoiled. On the boat got seasick some more, asked for pill from Kak Ana then sleeping which caused me missed the second dive.cry

Everyone at their best on the boat (group photo)

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Gateway to Redang - Part 2 (finale)

Source: Transferred from here

29th April

Argghh..We took a boat from Merang, near Kuala Terengganu, heading to Redang Island. The trip took around 1 hour to get to the island, gile ramai orang la nak pegi sana..berhimpit2 dalam boat. I didn't spot any divers in the boat except my friends, maybe Redang is not a fine spot to dive.

Sampai2 je, check in bilik and then after lunch trus gi snorkeling. Hehe, time ni tak dapat lesen diving jealous gak la tgk my friends naik boat going for a dive, meanwhile me naik boat going for snorkeling with other hundreds of people on the island. Rimas2! Kalu gi dive tak sampai pun 10 org. hehe! So next time I will definitely go for diving..wait a minute, before that, I have to get my licence first. Damn. Huhu. Malam tu just wandering around the island, lepak2 tepi pantai, yg ade awek leh berendek kat dalam gelap tuh..cis! Some of us went to beach disco. The married couple stayed in the room, ehem!

30th April

After breakfast, pegi snorkeling lagih..yeke? Forgot la what I was doing in the morning. Either snorkeling or sleeping. Just two options only. But for sure after lunch I was taking a good nap. Huhu! I woke up in the evening and then went for snorkeling with Zul. Dkat2 pantai je..still I saw blue-spotted stingray, shrimp and don't know what else. Lagi la membuatkan aku tak saba2 nak finishkan my diving lesson nih.

On night we had a barbeque, we burn everything like fish, chicken, shrimp, etc. all you can eat, except Gugan cause he is vegetarian. Huhu! We lie down on the shore talking, planning what to do, having an ice-cream, and clubbing (some of us). And then, on midnight we start playing cards, I made a few jokes and successfully made everybody laughs like a hell..ahaha..those are memorable moments which I won't forget.

1st May

Labor day, today we're going back home after having such a good times on the island. Ahhhh..malas dah nak tulis..arrived at home almost midnight. Go to bed. End of story. Hehe..

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Gateway to Redang - Part 1

Source: Transferred from here

Last weekend, my friends (11 altogether) and I went to Redang and it was absoulutely great. Leaved on Friday right after office hours (actually it was 8.30PM from KL, this is including balik umah jap,amik baju kemas, picked up everyone else) and heading towards Kerteh from KL. We planned to overnight at Kerteh (some friend's house) before take a boat ride to Redang on the following morning. Two cars from KL occupied 6 of us including myself and the rest already in Kerteh waiting for us. Heavy traffic from KL heading toward Karak because it was 3 days holidays (Malaysia Only) including Labor Day on Monday. So, probably everybody had planned to go back to hometown or going for holiday same like us did.

The bad new is it was my turn to drive and the good new is the car is auto..hehe! opps..another bad new is I couldn't smoke in the car becoz the owner is a lady and another two passengers also a lady..and she absolutely hates smokers including myself..hehe! Always make some mimic of ugly thing on her face and mumbling (I don’t know what it was) whenever I was smoking around her. Ish! Or probably maybe she is 3 months pregnant and temporarily hates smoker for the sake of her very first future child. the way congrats. I don’t know what is the point of view of the other two passengers about smoker? They never do like she did (the face thing, mumbling). Hehe..maybe they don’t mind becoz they are not pregnant yet. Huhu!

By the time we hit Kerteh, it was 1 am in the morning I think. I couldn’t remember the exact time, but for sure I was not so sleepy and tired just a little bit. For over 5 hours driving and 9 hours working I cannot believe the fact that I still feel energetic. Maybe because of the herbalife drink I took the night before. The drink so tasty and gives me more energy. Hey, if you guys interested..just give me a call or email or sms or whatever as long as it can reach me and you guys can taste the tastiest amazing herbalife drink. Errrr.. before i forget my phone number is 012-3820519! Call or sms me kay! Email is! Cess..sempat lagi tu promote..erk..but seriously I felt so different after took a glass of herbalife drink. And it can loss your weight too (for those yg ade intention nak kurus e.g. orang2 gemok cam edan)..hehe! - to be continue-