Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jahat,Pemanggil,Aur,Dayang,Seri Buat - Live-On-Board (Part 1)

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After 2 – 3 months certified, my instructor had invited to join his 'gang' for LOB (Live-On-Board) trip. It was 3 days 2 night on board – no land..just a big boat, seasick, and the most important is dive..dive..dive..unlimited dive! I was awed with the invitation until I keep counting days for the day trip.

Thursday (7th Sept)
6.30PM was my arrival time at the KLIA from Bintulu on the trip day; fetched by my girlfriend at the airport then rushed home to get ready for the trip. Such a tiring day that day, just got back from Bintulu and then immediately gone on trip. Sempat lagi kene marah dengan ibu, she was mumbling "dok ghajin nok nampok muke..kejap2 takdok kat umoh". Hehe!!

Finally, we were at the wharf at Tanjung Gemuk, Kuala Rompin at 4am in the morning the following day. We stopped twice, first at Seremban R&R, waiting for everybody to gather and then at Muadzam Shah to release all the tense while driving there. Drive to Tanjung Gemuk from thereon was good.

We have to be transferred to Wavebreaker (the boat we going to stay for 2 nights) using the tender as well as fishing trawler as tide was out. But we were entertained by the view of the partial lunar eclipse that night. Around 4.30am we were underway to our first dive site. I was sleeping as soon as we were on the boat. Dive operations immediately commenced when arriving at the Pulau Jahat around 8am. Visibility was not that great and the current was not so strong. As for me, I was underwater for 17minutes at around 14m depth cause my tummy got sick suddenly. Went up to surface escorted by dive master trainee (herein after will be called DMT) Baby. My first dive was spoiled. On the boat got seasick some more, asked for pill from Kak Ana then sleeping which caused me missed the second dive.cry

Everyone at their best on the boat (group photo)

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