Monday, March 25, 2013

The First Month

It has been exactly a month since I step foot in Singapore. For the first two weeks, the company let me stay in the hotel, The Parkroyal in Beach Road. There are two of them actually, hence the name includes the street name. It's a four star hotel and not bad at all. The location is quite strategic to me as in front of it, there are areas called Arab Street, Kampung Glam, Jalan Sultan and malay heritage area. A lot of foods and variety of delicacies ranging from malay, indian and middle eastern cooks. I have not try the middle eastern restaurant yet. Quite a few of famous restaurant though around the area judging by the internet search in google. The result had name a few like Zam Zam Restaurant, Ma Deen, Glam Cafe etc.

The room I stayed for 2 weeks in Parkroyal.

The Kampong Glam Cafe, my hotel is down the street before the tall building in this picture.

The infamous Murtabak at Zam Zam Restaurant. By just looking at the picture can make my tummy roar. The restaurant in North Bridge Road exactly the opposite of Sultan Mosque.

I have never been to here, but they say the Sup Tulang is superb. I will try some day. This is at Jalan Sultan. 

One of the area in Arab Street. Looks calm in day but happening in night. 

Besides foods, you may also find a lot of hand made craft and textiles shop. They sell cotton, silk and many more. Your wife might be interested. Don't let her come to this area, might bring damage to your pockets. 

Oh yeah, I have moved to my rental room. Far away from Beach Road. It's in Marsiling, Woodlands. I'll talk about it later. It's already 5pm, time to go out of here.

Note: Pictures was taken from various sources result from my search in Google.