Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our quarrels

As usual, like every other weekends, we had breakfast at 0900hrs then went back to the room doing what we always do; surfing the net, watch TV that we don't even comprehend or sleeping. If my phone doesn't ring between 1000hrs to 1100hrs, I will ring him instead, to ask what time we're good to go for lunch.

I have new colleague that just joined this month. He is now with me in Deutschland. He is chinese.

Then, we spent almost half an hour in discussing the place for lunch. Unbelievable! The situation is similar like on first date.

Me: Mana mau makan?
Him: Mana2 la...ikut you la..
Me: Eh, asyik aku je yg pilih..
Him: You sudah duduk lama maa sini...
Me: kau pilih la plak..
Him: You mau makan apa?
Me: Apa2 laa..
Him: You cakap la..saya sume bole makan maa..
Me: takpe, nanti pandai2 la saya makan apa2 yang bole..
Him: Hmm..mau makan itu idris kaa
Me: You mau pegi situ makan?
Him: saya mana2 bole maa..
Me: Laa tadi you cakap idris??
Him: Ok la, kite pegi market dulu beli keropok..
after 20 minutes
Me: Mau makan dkat2 sini atau jauh?
Him: Saya tak kesah, dkat2 sini pun bole, jauh pun bole..
Me: eii..mana?
Him: dkat2 sini ada saigon, to dung and kebab maa..
Me: so?
Him: kalau you mau minum itu soya kite bole pegi kedai smalam maa..
Me: mau makan jauh haa?
Him: I tanya you sajaa...
Me: takmo laa..
Him: Kite makan dkat2 sini saja laa...india tu mau try kaa?
Me: Saya bole punye maa..
Him: Saya takut itu kedai nanti you tak bole makan..takde ikan..
Me: Saya makan la apa2 yang saya bole makan..
Him: ok la, kite pegi sana..
Me: Ok you masuk dlu..

Above is one of our domestic quarrel about place to eat that happened today. It happens almost everyday, weekdays after office hour while weekend during lunch and dinner.

Fed up!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

City train network

Since I've seen the world, I'd like to share with readers how good the public transportation are in the city I have visited.

Recently I've been to Leipzig - one small city approximately 100KM of south Berlin. Most of you probably have not heard this city before. Below is the image of public transportation map in Leipzig which consists of tram, suburban train and bus.
Very encouraging and almost every location in the city centre and suburban area (Zone 162, 163, 164, 147, 151, 155, 156 and 168) are well connected. If you wish to go further out than these areas, you need another train called Regional Express or Inter-City.

Now let's look at Berlin transportation map. Berlin is the capital city of Germany for those who still don't know. Even it is the capital city, Munich and Frankfurt are more advance than Berlin in term of economy, development and living style. So you will find it more expensive living in Frankfurt or Munich.
The map shown only for suburban and underground train in Berlin. Of course they also have tram in the city but not as encouraging as in Leipzig. Well, I've been told that tram in Leipzig is the most advance network in Germany.

Now let's go further west of Europe. London. I think most Malaysians must have been here already; either for study, work or holiday. It has been the must visit place for Malaysians. I really amazed with the underground tube of London. Very well connected, organized and full of people. It's like you put the whole tram and bus network system in Leipzig underground!
See, you can go anywhere in Greater London by underground tube. With only GBP 9, you can use the underground tube, buses and britain rail (not sure what is the name for this network train, in the map above the line is white) within Zone 1 to 6 for one day.

Enough west, let's go to far east, Tokyo!

I was not much using the train service there. Not so often.
But I'm sure the train network is better. When you drive in Tokyo, sometimes you will stop under the multiple trains' rails. They have subway, on ground, and above ground. They have train like monorail and train like hanging on the rail, not sure whether you can imagine this or not. Many types of trains I must say, you name it.

In Singapore, they have MRT. I used this when I was little, long time ago. Now I drive if I go to Singapore.
Some people still find it discouraging. But for me it's good enough for small country like Singapore. It will connected you to every corner of the island.

In Kuala Lumpur, we have LRT-Star, LRT-Putra, Komuter, KLIA transit/Express and monorail. Let's see how KL's looks like.
As one of the oil and gas exporting countries, I find this is a joke made by the ruling government. I feel ashamed as citizen of the country. I feel ashamed to my colleague from Leipzig when they came down here. The train networks couldn't even beat the one in Leipzig. Rather than wasting the money building the mega tower, they should improve the public transportation in KL. Please!

I am mortified.