Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our quarrels

As usual, like every other weekends, we had breakfast at 0900hrs then went back to the room doing what we always do; surfing the net, watch TV that we don't even comprehend or sleeping. If my phone doesn't ring between 1000hrs to 1100hrs, I will ring him instead, to ask what time we're good to go for lunch.

I have new colleague that just joined this month. He is now with me in Deutschland. He is chinese.

Then, we spent almost half an hour in discussing the place for lunch. Unbelievable! The situation is similar like on first date.

Me: Mana mau makan?
Him: Mana2 la...ikut you la..
Me: Eh, asyik aku je yg pilih..
Him: You sudah duduk lama maa sini...
Me: kau pilih la plak..
Him: You mau makan apa?
Me: Apa2 laa..
Him: You cakap la..saya sume bole makan maa..
Me: takpe, nanti pandai2 la saya makan apa2 yang bole..
Him: Hmm..mau makan itu idris kaa
Me: You mau pegi situ makan?
Him: saya mana2 bole maa..
Me: Laa tadi you cakap idris??
Him: Ok la, kite pegi market dulu beli keropok..
after 20 minutes
Me: Mau makan dkat2 sini atau jauh?
Him: Saya tak kesah, dkat2 sini pun bole, jauh pun bole..
Me: eii..mana?
Him: dkat2 sini ada saigon, to dung and kebab maa..
Me: so?
Him: kalau you mau minum itu soya kite bole pegi kedai smalam maa..
Me: mau makan jauh haa?
Him: I tanya you sajaa...
Me: takmo laa..
Him: Kite makan dkat2 sini saja laa...india tu mau try kaa?
Me: Saya bole punye maa..
Him: Saya takut itu kedai nanti you tak bole makan..takde ikan..
Me: Saya makan la apa2 yang saya bole makan..
Him: ok la, kite pegi sana..
Me: Ok you masuk dlu..

Above is one of our domestic quarrel about place to eat that happened today. It happens almost everyday, weekdays after office hour while weekend during lunch and dinner.

Fed up!

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