Sunday, September 17, 2006

Unfortunate Events!

I returned to home at 4am this morning after wandering around with Yasir to watch some illegal racing downtown. Mingle around, surfed net a while then bump to bed to get some sleep. 5.30am my maid called me..I was 'what the *&$%', bothering me around this moment even my dream not even started yet..Once again I was 'What the fook'..she told me my car isn't at the place where it should be. Just one and half hour ago I saw her there..Damn car has been stolen! Bloody hell! Fucking bastard thieves! I aborted my sleep and outside I went..its fucking car was not there no more!

Sob sob..So much unfortunate events had happened to me lately..First my Nokia 6280 then my car. Before this, its been 3 times already she had been screwed and now, she may rest in peace. Till then..I wanna get ready to lodge my report at the police station. ciao..

WHC 799 (Oct 1999 - Sept 2006) She was 7 years old!

Some piece of her strewn on the ground

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