Friday, September 15, 2006

Jahat,Pemanggil,Aur,Dayang,Seri Buat - Live-On-Board (Part 2)

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My actual second dive commenced after lunch around 2pm kot..can't remember, have to refer to my dive log. The boat then made its way to Pulau Pemanggil as soon as they finished the second dive and while we were eating lunch.

We've been told by Comrade that this dive site got wreck at 5-6m depth. I was excited to put myself into the blue immediately when I heard that. Rupe-rupe nye, indah khabar dari rupe..The so-called wreck does not look like one at all, it was badly broken and pieces strewn all over the place, even I was hardly identified that is a wreck. It must been into the ground very hard. We made our tour into the deeper site then after frustrated with the wreck. Nothing spectacular found during the dive.

One thing I like the most during the trip was food. Everytime after diving, foods were already served whether at dining floor or at cylinder area/kitchen. Its 'goreng pisang' was the best heh, as Zarir always reminds us all about the deliciousness of the 'goreng pisang' while eating them. Anyway I like the 'cengkodok' the most, huhu! Thanks to Kak Zakiah, the resident chef that made us felt like home by her cooks. That's because they called me 'MT' I guess, because of the delicious food that forced me did the Man-has-to-do-what-man-has-to-do thingy on the boat. Only those on the boat knew what is 'MT' all about..keh keh keh!

After a while resting and enjoyed our surface interval, we went down again about 8pm for commencing the night dive. This time only six of us dived at the other side of Pulau Pemanggil before the boat made its way to Pulau Aur. I was invited by HollowMan to do the dive after getting approval from my sifu Jim. Sifu Jim went as well. We started at the anchor line before going further down 11m depth into the darkness. I brought underwater torch-light borrowed from Zarir. Now I realized that not so horror to go diving at night and yet going down with Para Perampok. Can't tell you what Perampok means is. It a divers' secret, become one then you'll know Wink. That was such a memorable one during my involvement in scuba diving. Till then..I continue later..
Joe's Wavebreaker by the wave view

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