Saturday, September 23, 2006

Life is a fair game..but you play it unfair! (Part 3) - Finale

Early this morning I finally finished my be exact at 4.30am. I was sleeping during the job done,hehe! Let's see the fact below:

20th Sept, I arrived at office 10mins before 8am. From this time thereon, the only I did was working until early this morning at 4.30am.
  • Lunch, once on 20th Sept (one hour)
  • Sleep (6 hours), 4 hours from that was this morning while waiting the job finish. So, the night before, I slept only 2 hours.
  • Way to office and home during this duration (total of another one hour)
  • Toilets, Smoking, snack break, pray, etc (maybe 2 hours top)
Total of the above is 10 hours and total of my non-stop working duration was 44 hours and 20 minutes (for one job). 44 minus 10 is 34..OMG, I was working non-stop for 34 hours and 20mins. My name should be recorded in Malaysia Book of Record for 'The Longest non-stop Working hours'. What a job!!

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