Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jahat,Pemanggil,Aur,Dayang,Seri Buat - Live-On-Board (Part 1)-Finale

Today, I decided to continue write on my last trip after I've made thru the toughest part of my days last week. So, here you go..

Saturday (9th Sept)
I woke up that morning and I felt seasick; dizzy, stomach-ache, feels like to puke. What an annoying feeling on the fascinating-day-trip like this one and yet I missed my dawn dive on the early bird. But it's ok, sleeping much better. Huhu

My Sifu asked to do deep dive this time, we would be going into 30 meters heart beats like a drum does whenever heard of the depth..hehe! Well, I was anxious but not panic. First time try?! Anyone? Sure you can..30 meters just about the same as 5 meters won't feel a bit different except you will run out of air quickly than usual. But some of divers will suspect narcosis in that depth, you'll feel high like as high as you smoke joint. That's why during Advance Course (Herein after will be called AOW), you'll be going down 30 meters and need to write down your name and IC number on the given board. Just to make sure you still thinking normally. Scared? Don't be..diving is fun.

Such pain in the arse, I suddenly have to went up during descend at 8 meters depth. Just about 1 minute underwater my headache was not gone yet. What a great miss at Pinnacle One, Pulau Aur. I was told that was the best dive site even 30 meters depth you can even see way up to the surface, a school of yellow-tail-barracudas and every kind off marine life, you name it! Poor me. Soon I'll be there again someday. Wait for me Pinnacle One.

After others had completed their surface interval, down we went again at Captain's Point dive site, Pulau Dayang. This time I had made sure I am perfectly ready for the dive as I am going to do my navigation underwater as partial of the AOW course portion. Just took a few minutes to complete then we continue our tour until we had to bump into other group of divers. I think they are Singaporeans coming to dive at Aur. Macam pasar malam tuhh, just like underwater party. I was enjoyed the dive like nobody's business.

On the night they were down again around Aur as the boat sailed for awhile. I wasn't coming due to limited torch-light. Darn, next trip I will definitely buy one for my own. There were two other boats sailed at the same area as our boat did. They were night-diving as well. As for the Perampok, they must let other boats make their way first before going merampok underwater, that's the rule they have to follow. That was all for the night session. Nothing more interesting except chatting on the top of the boat while the boat made its way to Pulau Seri Buat, slightly down under Tioman towards Tanjung Gemuk where I was doing my last dive there.

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