Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Gateway to Redang - Part 1

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Last weekend, my friends (11 altogether) and I went to Redang and it was absoulutely great. Leaved on Friday right after office hours (actually it was 8.30PM from KL, this is including balik umah jap,amik baju kemas, picked up everyone else) and heading towards Kerteh from KL. We planned to overnight at Kerteh (some friend's house) before take a boat ride to Redang on the following morning. Two cars from KL occupied 6 of us including myself and the rest already in Kerteh waiting for us. Heavy traffic from KL heading toward Karak because it was 3 days holidays (Malaysia Only) including Labor Day on Monday. So, probably everybody had planned to go back to hometown or going for holiday same like us did.

The bad new is it was my turn to drive and the good new is the car is auto..hehe! opps..another bad new is I couldn't smoke in the car becoz the owner is a lady and another two passengers also a lady..and she absolutely hates smokers including myself..hehe! Always make some mimic of ugly thing on her face and mumbling (I don’t know what it was) whenever I was smoking around her. Ish! Or probably maybe she is 3 months pregnant and temporarily hates smoker for the sake of her very first future child. the way congrats. I don’t know what is the point of view of the other two passengers about smoker? They never do like she did (the face thing, mumbling). Hehe..maybe they don’t mind becoz they are not pregnant yet. Huhu!

By the time we hit Kerteh, it was 1 am in the morning I think. I couldn’t remember the exact time, but for sure I was not so sleepy and tired just a little bit. For over 5 hours driving and 9 hours working I cannot believe the fact that I still feel energetic. Maybe because of the herbalife drink I took the night before. The drink so tasty and gives me more energy. Hey, if you guys interested..just give me a call or email or sms or whatever as long as it can reach me and you guys can taste the tastiest amazing herbalife drink. Errrr.. before i forget my phone number is 012-3820519! Call or sms me kay! Email is! Cess..sempat lagi tu promote..erk..but seriously I felt so different after took a glass of herbalife drink. And it can loss your weight too (for those yg ade intention nak kurus e.g. orang2 gemok cam edan)..hehe! - to be continue-

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