Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Rising of..

What a shame!! Last few days I read from paper about divorce. It stated there more than 15,000 Malay couples has registered divorced so far rather than 3000 couples of combined Chinese and Indian. Awie and Arni (pictures) made headline in Utusan today. "Sah Bercerai talak satu".

In other article says, in 2004, about 150,060 couples uttered the marital vow. In the same year, 19,800 divorce cases were recorded. It shows increasing year by year from the year of 2000. Ironically, the divorce rate is highest among Muslims, this is the statistic taken from National Population and Family Development Board. No bullshit!

What were they thinking of getting married at the first place if then ended up with divorce? They have disgrace the name of Islam. Islam does not encourage its follower to do such thing like divorce. More embarrassing, these people even go public to announce their separation like nobody's business. They've made this matter like some kind of trend which is rising from time to time. No need to feel guilty no more by getting divorce, even worst no need to feel shame at all by doing such thing.

Sometimes, divorce can be even uglier if it is involve money, properties, possession, children custody etc. Believe me, divorce is ugly. Husband and wife accusing each others at courts for the reasons I mentioned just now. Hopefully I won't be in the statistic.


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