Sunday, August 23, 2009


Ramadhan comes again….marhaban..

First time pose rumah mentua..di kuarters hospital serdang. Early breakfast (sahur) this morning at 5am, aku makan tak abes plak..rase tekak tu kecik je bukaan die..selalu tak macam ni plak!! Heran..selalu dapat je bedal semua foods yg ada atas meja tu…last month aku pose ganti sehari..okay je makan sahur pepagi bute tu..ntah laa…

Enough that, I'm sitting here in the room, on the floor while my wife still sleeping this time, 6.16PM, together waiting to break the fast in our own style. It seems only yesterday that I wrote in here talked about ramadhan..well, I've done this again. I'm not gonna write something similar like previous ramadhan-posts. This time, I'll try to be different, at least. But the truth is I don't know what to write. Huhu..but for sure, this Ramadhan is special….

Wife now at 39th week of pregnancy, so you know what! Anytime now, the baby will come out from the hotel uterus he stays for the last 8-9 months. Oh's a boy, did I mentioned it? And this is the first! The emotion has taken its part now in me on preparing for my baby arrival. All the stuffs are here; stroller, carrier, pampers, shirts, pillow and all. All have been taken care of by the wife..erm some by the husband..Right honey? That's why we're at her parents' house now..nearer to the delivery room.

Anyway, wish us luck in our journey called life, and Selamat berpuasa to all my muslim friends.

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