Tuesday, January 5, 2010


2009 was a struggle to me, no doubt about that. The first year of marriage life, the first year of family life..the first year to a few things more. Despite all of that, my highest gratitude to the mighty Allah..I could survived all the difficulties and obstacles.

Been so busy since July when my project came to the commissioning phase, I've been away for quite some times; away from the family, wifey in particular. Poor thing, she had to went through the pregnancy difficult moments with me not by her side. I felt so guilty. I was in dilemma back then.

Thankful that I could be there when the precious moment has taken it place on August 28th last year. The birth of Muhammad Emil Shahmy. I'm so grateful, I was able to perform the Adzan and Iqomah to him; the first thing I would want him to hear in this Allah's world. Once again, wifey had to went through another phase of difficulty with me not by her side for the last couple of months at the end of the year.

Emil is now 4 months old. Again, I'm so grateful, that wifey had been given the land house at Precint 8. On December last year, we had moved all the things there from apartment at Precint 18. Currently still staying at my parents' at Kinrara. Planned to move in as soon as possible. Maybe after Emil's aqiqah, will be executing, insyaallah end of this month.

Hope this year would be better than last year, be happier than last year, be grateful than last year, be more faithful to Allah than last year.......

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