Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Something about Germany from my Point of View

  1. Everytime you dine at any ordinary outlets, you need to put your dishes at the designated place. This is includes fast food outlets like McD or KFC. How do you know it is ordinary? Well, most of the meals are less than 10 eur. At least I think so.
  2. You can smoke almost anywhere and then throw your cigarettes butt anywhere you like. That explains why Germany is not so clean. But please don't smoke in shopping mall or public transports. I used to visit Siemens Turbomachinery at Leipzig, and you know what, they smoke in the staging/workshop area like nobody business.
  3. If you can't speak Deutsch you will feel like stranger. However most counter girls/boys in place like main central station or airport can speak english better than most of my colleague here in Germany. You better learn Deutsch before you come here.
  4. So far I haven't found even one free wifi in Germany. All are paid wifi.
  5. Germany has no toll booth. You can use the highway for free and most of them with no speed limit. Germany famous with this thingy.
  6. The fuel price keep changing from time to time according to world market price. The highest so far I have seen was 1.69 eur per litre. Not sure what RON it was. They also have RON 95.
  7. If you travel to Germany, make sure you don't bring meats with you. This is includes raw or instant like Berahim.
  8. For Malaysian, you are entitle for 90 days free entry upon arrival. If you want to stay longer than that, you need to apply for visa.
  9. The public transportation is the best in the world. Every locations are connected nicely with public transportation which includes tram, bus, suburban train, regional express train, underground train, and inter-city train.
  10. Most movies are well translated to Deutsch even in cinema. But they do have cinema with original language but it hard to find. People here claim that Germany has the best translator. Well I second that, they could mimic the voice of Shah Rukh Khan exactly the same, in Deutsch of course. Can you imagine SRK speaking Deutsch, it's only in Germany.
  11. They have unique allergy to sun with temperature above 20 DegC in sunny day. They will love to have a barbeque. The past 4 to 5 days, weather was good for barbequing. People who live behind my hotel were barbequing almost everyday from 1600pm until 2100pm or maybe more depending on temperature. When I was in Berlin, I saw they were laying on the river bank and most of the men were topless while the women nicely suit in their bikini.

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