Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bored of being bored

Currently I am sitting in the lobby hotel surfing in the net just like I did always when I was here before. Melchor, my colleague from Philipines doing the same thing I do, oh, I see he's packing up his laptop..maybe going up to room now and he just wished me goodnight and off out of my sight.

This is the only hotel I ever stayed where its lobby full with mosquito flying there and here looking for blood to suck, as I write this entry, my hands also busy trying to kill those bloodsuckers. That's why I think the lobby is always empty, no one is here right now, only yours truly and the hotel counter chick (I'm not sure how she's handle these bloodsuckers, maybe she's getting used to it, she looks very calm like nobody business) as well as people walking by the lobby going out or to the hotel restaurant.

I just came back from outside to buy me a dinner foods. I bought street burger special punye, two cups of maggi mee and Marigold peel fresh orange. I will going to eat them after I finish with this entry in my room. I think I'm done now.

Oh, I miss wifey and Emil terribly..

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