Sunday, September 20, 2009

Syawal 1430H

First of all, I would like to wish my muslim friends Happy Eid Mubarak, Selamat Hari Raya Eidulfitri, and Maaf Zahir & Batin. Happy holiday to my non muslim friends.

I was at my parents in law at Serdang. After had a breakfast ala Jawa-I had 'nasi impit' (betul ke aku eja ni) with variety of Jawa's delicacies, my father in law and I off to UPM Masjid to perform Sunat Eidulfitri, the rest weren't going. Wifey still in confinement period and I wasn't sure about the rest. The crowd during this morning prayer was not bad at all, I thought there would be a few people would come because they were celebrating at Kampung. I thought wrong. If my mind still serves me right, this Eidulfitri is the first time I celebrate here-in KL, if not going back to Kota Bharu, we would celebrate at Hulu Langat-Batu 20 Kampung Padang of my father's side. It has been a very long time we had celebrated Eidulfitri there. I'm not sure exactly why. Maybe his sisters already have their own big family and his parents are no longer among us-my grandfather died at 1960 at Palembang, slightly later after that my father and his family moved, migrated to Malaysia. My grandmother died at 1982 or 1983? need to ask Papa for confirmation.

I always imagine KL would be empty with locals but full with expatriates-Bangla, Indon, Sudan, Africans, you name it.

My in laws always have been celebrating Eidulfitri at Johor-Kempas, Kampung Maju Jaya to be exact (Sayang, btol ke nama kampung you tu? hehe). I think because of wifey still in confinement period, they have delayed the trip to Kampung. After the prayer, we packed our bags and did the usual things during morning raya - Bermaaf-maafan, they made their way to Kampung at Johor. It was 11am, and I think they would be there in 3 hours. While wifey, Emil and I off to Kinrara to celebrate raya with my family.

My family wasn't going back to Kota Bharu this year because Am-my big brother, will getting married this weekend at Kuching. Furthermore, Tok We is here, she's the mother of my mother. My home at Kinrara, was served the usual food-the Nasi Dagang. I had them a lot. Poor wifey, she couldn't enjoy much the variety of delicacies during this raya, she has to restrain herself from eating a lot of foods (Berpantang dalam melayu) to get back the body she once had. Hehe. Go wifey! And the rest of the day was nothing spectacular - Emil is the lucky boy, he collected a lot of money, more than quarter of my monthly paycheck during this raya and my youngest brother had envied him. Sorry la Ahin, you are no longer a baby, grow up ok, you already 10 years old, off course you got lesser. Emil just has been 23 days in this world and he deserves that.

Emil, can Ayah have your money? Hehe..

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