Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easy money

April 12, 2012.

That morning when I arrived in office, as usual, I checked my Gmail inbox. One name of the senders really catches my eyes. Raef Labani. My former boss, with an email subject - Request for standby assistance. Below is the content of the email he sent.

Dear Shah,

Hope you are doing well.

Installation of Titan PC2 panel is scheduled to start April 16.

Randal will be in charge of doing it; he has previous experience with Simatic control systems.

I request you for standby telephone assistance in case anything comes up which you could answer based on your experience with installing/commissioning PC1 panel.

We offer you a lump sum of 1000 RM for such support whether you have been called or not.

Kindly let me know if acceptable.

Best regards

Raef Labani
AviComp Engineering

I replied I will be glad to assist whenever necessary. Until the time I writing this, Randal has never call me yet. By the way I left AviComp last year December.

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