Monday, April 30, 2012

Schlumberger Malaysia to invest up to MYR1.2B

Oil and gas dude must have heard this company. An oilfield services giant which has been operating in Malaysia since 1935. One of the must work place for people who keen in sub-surface/reservoir engineering/drilling/well service/geo-services etc. They pay very good salary and package as well. As the interviewer said, we will pay as much as your sweat drops. Very true indeed. 

You can make a fortune if you work here, depending on the path you take. I heard from my brother, who also happened to work in Schlumberger (Turkmenistan based), his friend who works as Directional Driller Supervisor earned more than MYR100K per month. He now lives in Dubai with his family. Make me drools a while when heard that. To work with them you also need to have a very good result in your degree (preferably 3 pointer above). 

The only way to apply for a job in Schlumberger is through its website: Schlumberger. I have not heard or saw any job advertisements from Schlumberger through any other recruitment agency, or in other words, Schlumberger has never appoints third party agency to recruit their staff. If you found one, it might be a job scam.

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