Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Dumb and Dumber

It weeps my heart really bad when I went through comments on one issue that had been put up on facebook. It was about Datuk Zulkifli Nordin has urged government to ban one book that promotes mixed marriages in Malaysia. He said the book sending a message that muslim women can marry non-muslim men. I do not know whether it’s true or not about the book he said.

Deep down inside me, I was mad with some non-muslims’ comments about the issue. Please, if you do not know anything about Islam, do not talk about it. You can led the dumb even dumber especially the dumb muslim. It makes me even angrier when I read a muslim’s comment like he knows everything about Islam but the fact is he doesn’t.  Let me quote some of dumb non-muslim:

Louis Denis: “no such thing that non-muslim married to muslim need to become muslim…it’s not necessary..after all there is only one god…”

More dumb comments:

Thanusya Shanmuganathan: “so stupid..ridiculous..where’s the right to religion? I thought we Malaysians can choose our religion??no meh?they want to marry whoever let them do it la..”

Joey Shawn: “Excuse your eyes and look around the world, only Malaysia has the restriction with non-muslim married to muslim must convert lor!! antique better you send yourself in to museum okay. What’s wrong with muslim married non-muslim??? So long they respect each other any religion also fine. Which religion teaching u to be BAD?? Unless u from cult la!!

Seriously I don’t get the last sentence from Joey Shawn. Huhu.

In Malaysia regulations, before we getting married, we need to attend a 2 days class for marriages course. In this class they will teach almost everything about marriage to prepare us for it, so the marriage is legal by Islam law and blessed by Allah.   

When I read a comment form a muslim that shared the same ideology with the non-muslims I mentioned above. I reckon that he must have not married yet or no idea what he has learned in the class. In the class you will learn about the conditions that make your marriage legal by the law of Islam. Let me recite some of them here.

        The pillars of solemnizations 
  1.  Groom – a man 
  2.  Bride – a woman 
  3.  Wali (Guardian) 
  4.  Two men for witness 
  5.  Ijab and Kabul
Conditions for groom-to-be
  1. Muslim 
  2. Not being force to 
  3. A real guy  
  4. Not having 4 wives prior to the solemnization 
  5. Not in pilgrimage mode or haj mode 
  6. Not a ‘mahram’ to the bride (means he is marry-able by Islam law) 
  7. Confidence that the bride is not ‘mahram’. 
  8. Fit to settle down 
  9. No marriage restrictions

Conditions for bride-to-be
  1.  Muslim 
  2. A real woman 
  3. Not a ‘mahram’ to the grrom (means she is marry-able by Islam law) 
  4. Not a khunsa (two sex) 
  5. Not in pilgrimage mode or haj mode. 
  6. Not in idah mode (The periods when she has been divorced) 
  7. Not anyone’s wife.

Further, you moron also can refer to decision made by National Fatwa Council during the 18th Muzakarah which cited a Christian woman married to a muslim guy, hence their marriage is not legal by the Islam law. To those who can read malay, may continue your reading in this entry here.

And Islam never forbids its adherents to mixed marriages or interracial marriage if that what you call. A malay muslim guy can marry any woman of any races and vice versa provided the rules and conditions set forth are followed.

For the dumb non-muslims that cannot accept the Islam regulations, please marry a non-muslim and stop make any false accusations about Islam. For the dumb muslim that just happen to know this regulations, your spouse should convert to Islam prior to solemnization only if the spouse to be is a non-muslim. Datuk Zul also needs to make a clear statement about this. Don’t just simply make an arrogant statement.


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