Friday, July 12, 2013

Ramadhan Kareem

Bersyukur ke hadrat ilahi kerna diberi kesempatan untuk bertemu dengan Ramadhan 1434H/2013M. Sekarang masih lagi di bumi Saudi Arabia, menghitung hari untuk pulang ke tanah air..Ops Singapore dan ke tanah air. 

Now it's summer in most of northern hemisphere with some area burning as high as 52°C, and still climbing up. Before Ramadhan, I had a chit-chat with a Pakistani guy and a Saudian guy about the challenge of fasting during this hot season. 

Here some excerpt from first conversation:

Me, "Now it is really hot in Saudi..increasing day by day".
Saudian, "Yes, and Ramadhan is around the corner".
Me, "So, I cannot imagine fasting in this temperature, you must already used to this condition".
Saudian, "This is very hot, I cannot stand this temperature, you imagine if I do 'gapping' in this hot sun..I must drink, if not I will die..believe me I will die. And my father will not happy if I die".
Me, "Haha..You were born here for god sake".
Saudian, "I will replace my fast in other month.."...

The Saudian is Bently Nevada Engineer I worked with in this project.

Here from second conversation:

Me, "Is tomorrow we start fasting?".
Pakistani, "We shall know tonight in television announcement".
Me, "I think I will not fast because it's too hot now..I need to drink."
Pakistani, "No must fast..Allah kareem, you will not feel thirsty when you fast".
Me, "What if I collapse?"
Pakistani, "No problem, if die also no problem..Allah kareem."
Me, "Hehehe..".

The Pakistani is the mechanical millwright working on compressors.

By the way, today is the third day in Ramadhan and I still not skipping fast. Alhamdulillah, with the past couple of days really hot in Jubail, yesterday it reached 50°C at noon, where today almost there.

My itinerary dekat sini during Ramadhan adalah sahur pukul 2am, subuh pukul 3.30am. Lepas semayang subuh terus tido sampai pukul 5.50am. 6.30am pergi kerja dan balik pukul 6pm. Sampai hotel dah nak dekat 7pm. Lepas makan dan semayang sume, dalam pukul 9pm dah start untuk tido. Pukul 1am bangun balik untuk order sahur.  

Ah, teringat berpuasa di Leipzig tahun 2011. Berpuasa waktu summer yang cuma bersuhu 28°C with low humidity. Subuhnya pukul 3am dan maghribnya pukul 9pm. Agaknya berat badan jatuh mendadak sebanyak 5kg. Makan cuma sekali sehari iaitu waktu berbuka. 

Kalau kat negara orang macam ni la makanannya. Leipzig 2011 Ramadhan.

Right now I miss bazaar, I miss Ayam Percik, I miss Nasi Lemak etc..........

Selamat berpuasa!

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