Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Happen in Malaysia?

Is Malaysia still a safe place for us to live our decent life?

Recently too many reported cases related to manslaughter by gun fire. People were shot dead for no obvious reasons wherever and whenever. People were shot when parked their car, when driving, when buying groceries, when eating and even when getting out from the lift.

Mr. Police - we, the people are terrified.

But what the home minister says about this - Police could not be blamed for the rising incidence of manslaughter by gun fire.
Seriously dude, who to blame then? You? Oh I know we blame the criminal..

And what are Macai say - Alhamdulillah, Malaysia masih aman. (Alhamdulillah, Malaysia still peaceful)
These grateful kind of people define peaceful as the country is not in the war. They don't even care if the murder cases are reported daily in the news as long as not war, it is peaceful for them. I have this feeling that these people are not getting any news about murder from television. The Malaysia prime news is busy reporting and promoting the ruling government, Barisan Nasional. 60 minutes news can be classified to 30 minutes spend for government activities, 10 minutes on sports, 10 minutes on other issues and another 10 minutes for commercial break. Murder case comes in slot other issues, briefly reported depend on the magnitude of the case.

Let see how many cases had been reported pertaining to gun fire for this year alone. Read it here.

In separate issue and quite surprising statistic I must say, 6 women raped daily in Malaysia.

You might hear someone would say - In other countries hundreds of women being raped daily. I will not surprise if the statement comes from one of the Najib's cabinet minister. They are known to make such a brainless statement everyday. I do not know why people are still vote for this kind of moron. 

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