Thursday, August 1, 2013

To Those Who Keen To Explore Career in Oilfield Service

Below are top ten oilfield service company in the world.

1. Schlumberger

2. Halliburton

3. Saipem

6. Fluor

There you go. The list I got from this website. Click here!

However, Baker Hughes already acquired most of the BJ Services share for $5.5 billion. It means no more BJ Services. Some other website combine the rank of Baker Hughes and BJ Services, and add McDermott International at number 10 on the list. You can read about the merger here.

I think the list was based on the annual revenue of the company with Schlumberger has the highest revenue of all time. 

I have few friends and relative who work in one of those companies. They really receive very good pay. But what so glamorous about working in the oilfield service - particularly at offshore platform and oil & gas rig, other than good money. Oh yes, you can buy anything that can make your family happy especially your wife. The lifestyle is a little bit above than average normal lifestyle.

Bear in mind, most of the time you will not be there for your wife's birthday, your anniversary, on your child's birth and to celebrate your child's birthday, to witness your child first walk, to attend to your child first day in school, to see your child participating in extra curricular activities in school and the list will go on. Above all the saddest part is you will probably not be at the side of your loved ones when they are on death bed - mother, father etc. 

So, before you start applying, think about those first then apply. Believe me, only money is the reason why you still working in the company like this.

Below are some snapshots from my last trip to Sarawak water, a Petronas owned oil & gas platform. Exactly a year ago during Ramadhan. Hopefully there is none after this. My current company is not an oilfield service company so trip to offshore would probably has a slim chance to none. 

Bayan Riser and a small sized accommodation boat attached to the platform with a gangway also known as widow maker to most of the workers.

Daily trip by boat makes me sick. I was living in the mother platform about 1 hour trip from here. 

Full picture of the boat. You sleep, eat, bath inside it for god knows how long. So get used to it. 

My Ramadhan delicacies for breaking my fast. 

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