Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Log Makan-Makan: Restaurant Hua Mui

Hua Mui is a pioneer of western colonial hainanese food, even when you ask around at Johor Bahru for hainanese food, they will direct you to this restaurant - This was based on some forumer feedback about this restaurant. Former state minister of Johor also, Ghani Othman had dining here. I could tell by the picture hanging on the wall of the restaurant. 

I went there with family and the rest of in laws on 3rd Syawal, after been invited by the FIL - father in law. He was regular once there 10 years ago and before. When we arrived 15 minutes before 1pm, the place was full with diners for lunch. It is a two storey restaurant, we had to wait for less than 5 minutes before we were allowed to be seated at the second floor. The owner is Chinese, the customers are multi-races. 

The sign board - restaurant is situated at Jalan Trus.

The big menu board you can see inside the restaurant at the ground level.

Physically there is nothing remotely modern about the restaurant, just a regular hainanese restaurant in the British era. Based on FIL, it's the western food that Hua Mui is best known for, which is probably the regulars keep returning. But we were not ordered that. Because we've been told that it could take long times for the western foods. So I had fried kuew tiau, the rest were having hailam noodles and hua mui fried rice. I could not remember what wifey had for the lunch though - Some spicy fried rice I guess. Our meals arrived after almost 1 hour.

Some appetizer - Nothing special about the Roti Bakar. It just delicious like in other kopitiams. 

My cuisine. I had better than this. The fried egg is a must additional.

Hua Mui Fried Rice. 

Wifey meal which I forgot the name. I believe it could be spicy.

Hailam Noodles

I didn't taste the other foods, but according to FIL, the taste is different compared to his last meal 10 years ago. I quite amazed he could still remember the taste from 10 years ago. Judging by the numbers of people in the restaurant, I believe it still making profit. Next time if I come, I will try the western foods. I still cannot understand why people keep returning to this restaurant for dining option. 

Actually we were there the night before but it was closed and we returned again the next day for lunch. 

Some of the photos hanging on the wall - some famous faces and events organized there.

Very old Coca Cola advertisement, I like that. It was just 5¢ back then.

Antique cash register machine - I bet it not functional anymore.

Damage untuk lunch, unknown sebab FIL yang bayar. 

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