Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Travel Tips

As an avid traveller (most of the travels were business trip), I often get into the jet plane and heading to place my company asked me to. Being in the various airports anywhere in the world sometimes could be a major headache, full of human, hassle of airport workers, immigration and anything you can think of. 

I feel like to share what I usually do when I get in the jet plane for travel..It's more like a common sense solution to speed things up during boarding and less disturbance while on the road. 

Dress Lightly 

As a citizen of the world, you will most likely to encounter the security at the airports, or during transit. Often I see people take all the troubles to remove things such as belt, shoes, jacket, jewelry and watch from their body to be scan which result to slowing down the process and make queue longer. I will try to reduce some of those items when I travel. I always use pant with flexible waist therefore, no metal belt required. Use slip on sneakers or any laceless sneakers, sandal also work for me. Avoid wearing heavy duty jacket, you just going on the plane not to the club, they have blanket up there for your info. To warm up my body while waiting to board, I carry a cardigan with me..more comfortable, you can easily put in the bag if you're not need it.

Do Some Homework

If the destination is my first time, I will do some homework. I will 'google' it. You might want to know the culture, the weather most importantly, is there a civilized place or some secluded little town, where will you go for happy hour and things like that. What I'm trying to say is try to give yourself a heads up physically and mentally so you can prepare anything you need before embark on the journey.


This is the most important thing when I'm on the road. Updating my wife on my whereabouts when I touch down, when I begin the journey, before I board the plane, and upon my arrival is essential so she can have a little peace of mind. Just send a simple SMS like 'Honey, I'm now on transit at Doha for 3 hours'. Yeah, something like that. Make sure your family knows your office number or your boss number in case of emergency if they cannot make contact to you. Office usually know how to reach you when you are on business trip. When I go inside the plant, I'm unreachable, but with just a few phone calls, office can convey any message to me.


Essential thing for all living creatures. As a muslim I can only eat 'Halal' food. Try use this link to find out halal spot anywhere in the world. - So far I have never use this link because my destination was either muslim territory or that place amazingly mushroom with halal restaurant. If you use smart phone, you can download the apps too. Convenient!

Wife and Emil at Jom Makan Restaurant during my business trip to Europe two years ago. Among the halal eatery spot in London (near Trafalgar Square). London is very easy destination for muslim. 

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