Saturday, April 30, 2011

I don't know what to eat

This nagging phrase has bound to happen to me every single day since I came to Germany. It never fails me. Well, the breakfast has already fixed, even though it's the same everyday. Bread, Nutella, egg, tea and juice. For every breakfast! Bread is the staple food for them and beer is like a liquid bread.

When I was in the office, lunch was either at the canteen nearby or nothing at all. They usually brought their own foods for lunch. The canteen was always served pork and chicken, the time I'd be the vegetarian, and once or twice a week they served fish. As a muslim, this could be the dominant factor for me on having this phrase pop out when my stomach needs to be fill. I will eat all except pork, chicken, and beef. I did ate chickens from arabian/turkish restaurant. They are all serve kebab, and I don't want to have kebab everyday.

Alternatively, I will go to Asia Bistro like Vietnamese or Chinese if I want to have rice, with fish of course. I think it will be a lot easier if the company provides a squalid little flat equipped with kitchen for me. Yes, I can cook. I can get the halal meet from the halal butcher in Leipzig at Jahnalle strasse. Get on the tram 3 and stop at Leibnizstrasse or wadzplatz. I can get fish and any other groceries from any local market around here.

The fried rice with shrimp and squid I had at the Mai Tai Restaurant, the only thai restaurant around here. It tasted kind of like home. But the cooking oil used made me bellyful. After all, it was nice to have.

This was the first chicken I had in Germany after a week been here. It's a chicken kebab with rice. Germany has many arabic and turkish restaurant you can find anywhere along the street. There are two nearby to my hotel. If I am craving for chicken or beef, this is the place I'll go.

The Tiramisu. I had this dessert just now at The Da Vito, an italiano restaurant. It was good. All this while, I just saw this on TV or magazine and never thought that am gonna eat this. My boss is here this week, today I skipped lunch because of him and he took me to some fancy italiano restaurant for dinner which I didn't like the main course.

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