Monday, April 25, 2011

One day in Berlin

24th April 2011, 08H00.

From this station, I took the tram to hauptbahnhof.

This was the regional express (RE) train I took from Leipzig Hauptbahnhof to Berlin Hauptbahnhof. I had to change one train at Lutherstadt Wittenburg before continue to Berlin. It was 2 hours trip. Next time I should try the Inter-City Express (ICE). The ICE will travel faster than this as it will only stop at main station. The RE will stop at all stations. And of course RE is much cheaper.

In the train, I had the chance to see the wind turbine. It was manufactured by VESTAS. I had applied for job at this company before. But no luck. Now the fact, Germany is one of the top three countries in the world using the renewable energy.

They say this is a must go place if we are visiting other countries. The Hard Rock Cafe. Like others, I bought 2 pair of t-shirts. One for my little boy.

Yours truly was in the ferris wheel at 44 meters height. Look honey, I can see whole Berlin from up here! And there was a parade down there, I didn't sure in conjunction of what. Maybe Easter Day.

One day is not enough to see the whole Berlin. I should come back again if I have the chance.

I think I will...

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