Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My little heart weeps

As usual, I woke up at 6am, had a breakfast on 7am. Then took the tram to office.

Opened my notebook, checked my emails and then browsed the facebook like I used to do every morning in the office. As I were browsing, I saw Nizam's post at the news feed says 'Al-Fatihah' to my other friend, Mohd Shahir Zakaria.

Out of the curiosity, I clicked on the post to find out who has might passed away. Maybe one of Shahir's family members. And then it dawned upon me that Shahir was the one who passed away. More distressing, in fact he had died exactly a year ago. I was stunned a while, paused, and suddenly my memories about him come and go.

I met him during the commissioning of Bunga Orkid-D/C. He worked with Talisman Energy as my client. We were quite close back then, we smoked together, we ate together, and shared our interests about almost everything. And now he has gone, left family and friends behind to meet his creator, Allah SWT.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a jerk to know this a year late. Exactly a month before he died, I PMed him to say hello. He replied he had an accident, broke his two hands. I was surprised to know that and wished him to get well soon. And on April my commissioning job at Shell platform began. I was so busy back then. Today I have found out that he is with his creator.

Al-fatihah to arwah. Mohd Shahir Zakaria, 27 May 1975 - 20 April 2010. May Allah bless you my dear friend.

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