Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tageskarte fur Heute

One day pass for today. The meaning of the subject. It is for inter-city transportation which includes trams, buses and trains. It only 5eur and we can ride every transports available in the zone for one whole day. Learn more here.

So yesterday I had a stroll in the city center. I took a tram from Elster-passage bahnhof, bound to Taucha and I stopped at Leipzig hauptbhanhof. it's the main central station, integrated with three-storey shopping complex. You may find a lot of restaurants, non-boutique shops, market and hardware shop. I bought an electric kettle, the small one that could boil 0.5 litre of water. It comes with two small cups. Nice! The hotel does not provides a kettle, what a cheapskate! For a week I had to use hot water from the pipe to make milo or maggi.

The trains terminal

Then, I took a bus to further center of the city. I stopped at between Reich-str and Markt. It surrounds by many shopping complex; Zara, MnG, other boutique as well which I don't remember because I don't give a damn, galleria, specks hof, you name it. Fortunately, wifey isn't here. I didn't get anything for me. After satisfied, I walked back to hauptbahnhof. About 1km from Reich-str, then got on the tram heading to Leibniz-str before called it a day.

I had my lunch there, at iraqi restaurant. I noticed the restaurant while on the tram heading to hauptbahnhof that morning. I had rice and chicken kebab. That was the first meat I had since I came. Fish doesn't count ok. After done, I took the tram and stopped at Adler-bahnhof and got on the bus to Naumburger-str, where my hotel is.

This boy was trying to have a conversation with me, but I didn't comprehend anything that came out from his mouth.

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